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Robotic swarms guided by human artists may paint vibrant footage


Small swarms of robots may assist artists paint footage. María Santos on the Georgia Institute of Know-how and her colleagues designed a system that might permit an artist utilizing a pc to pick areas of a canvas to be painted in sure colors. These are then created in real-time by 12 robots that cross the canvas leaving trails of color behind them.

“We envisioned the multi-robot system as an extension of an artist’s inventive palette,” says Santos. “As a result of the human solely controls the collective behaviour of the workforce, the multi-robot workforce could be [thought] of as an lively brush for the human artist to color with.”

At present, the robots don’t carry actual paint. As an alternative, the researchers examined their capability to work collectively utilizing projectors that simulated colored paint trails behind the robots on the canvas. Every of the robots can produce three major colors – magenta, cyan and yellow – which will also be mixed to supply further hues.

Santos and her workforce discovered that the robots had been capable of work collectively successfully by various the colors of the paths they laid down, whereas additionally contemplating the colors laid down by neighbouring robots.


“At every cut-off date, every robotic has details about the color concentrations desired by the human artist and might get details about the relative positions of its closest neighbours and the paints out there to them,” says Santos.

She says the following step shall be to develop robots that may deal with actual liquid paint. “This step includes not solely growing the {hardware} essential to handle paint, but in addition finding out the portray launch mechanism wanted to attain applicable color mixing.”

Vanessa Sanchez at Harvard College says one other problem with utilizing liquid paints would be the drying time, because the robots presently run on wheels, which may end in them streaking paint throughout the canvas earlier than it has dried. One option to keep away from this may be to make use of various kinds of robotic, similar to drones, she says. “You wouldn’t have to fret about monitoring of the wheels.”

Journal reference: Frontiers in Robotics and AI, DOI: 10.3389/frobt.2020.580415

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