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How To Get Easy, Hairless Pores and skin: A 3-Step Sugar Wax Recipe To Attempt At Residence


Sugar wax is a hair elimination paste that really dates again to historical Egypt (even Cleopatra, herself, supposedly sugared all through her reign). For these with fantastic, sparse hairs and delicate pores and skin, it’s unparalleled: Not solely does the paste have 100% pure components (simply sugar, lemon, and water), however the course of itself is sort of mild—that’s as a result of sugaring extracts hair within the course of development, fairly than in opposition to the grain. “Eradicating hair in the identical course of development considerably reduces the stress placed on the hair, making it much less prone to break in the course of the elimination course of,” Amanda Mulea, licensed esthetician at SUGARED + BRONZED, beforehand advised mbg. And thus—minimal ingrown hairs (bye, bumps!) and, for some, a far much less painful expertise. 

Though, we must always be aware that sugaring isn’t for everyone—particularly these with coarser hairs. Peek our full sugaring guide to see if the all-natural paste is best for you, or if waxing is the higher go-to.


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